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A talk page. If you need me, here I am.

About "wie noch nie"...It directy translates to "like never" in English.
I'd say "like never before."

Letzte Instanz - article[edit]

Hi there, I'm one of the people who has contributed a lot to the german Letzte Instanz - article. Just one question: Did you ask the musicians for permission to post the pictures ? If you did, we could also use them in the german wiki, too (otherwise I'll probably ask them soon ;)). And another thing: If you want you can translate the recent changes, too. I applied the premade "band" layout to the german article for example.

And I like some additions/language corrections you made to the bio. Perhaps I'll change them in the german version, too (most people change minor things in the article but strangely nobody "dares" to really touch the bio I wrote at the beginning ;)

Btw.: Good to see/hear that this band also has fans in America :-). Looking forward to the new alubm :).

Greetings from Germany

--Frank 22:05, 28. Nov 2005 (CEST)

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