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My name is Chris, and I am a volunteer contributor to Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia that is collaboratively edited by volunteers from around the world with currently over 300.000 articles ( I am looking for an image for our article on INSERTARTICLEHERE (INSERTARTICLELINKHERE), and found a very nice image on your page(INSERTIMAGELINKHERE).

Would you be willing to grant permission for us to use your image under terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, or alternatively as public domain. This means that although you retain the copyright and authorship of your own work, you are granting permission for all others (not just Wikipedia) to use, copy, and share your materials freely -- and even potentially use them commercially -- so long as they do not try to claim the copyright themselves, or try to prevent others from using or copying them freely. You can read this license in full at:

Of course, we will credit you for your work in the image's permanent Description Page, noting that it is your work and is used with your permission, and we can provide a link back to your website.

Thank you very much in advance for your time!

Best regards,


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{{subst:test}} -- ~~~~
{{subst:test2}} -- ~~~~
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{{subst:test5}} -- ~~~~

{{subst:nn-notice|}} -- ~~~~
{{subst:Nn-test}} -- ~~~~

{{subst:advert1}} -- ~~~~
{{subst:resume}} -- ~~~~
{{subst:nothanks}} -- ~~~~

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{{Wikify|November 2023}}

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{{subst:Sockpuppet|General Tojo}}


Step 1: Initial warning

Hi. Thanks for experimenting with Wikipedia. Your test on INSERTPAGEHERE worked, and has now been removed. Please use [[Wikipedia:Sandbox]] for any other tests you want to do, since testing material in articles will normally be removed quickly. Please see the welcome page if you would like to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia. Thanks. -- ~~~~ <small>(if you never edited that page, then please ignore this message, as it was most likely meant for another person using the same IP address)</small>

Hi. Testing is best done in the [[Sandbox]]. Articles should be edited only to add useful contributions. Thanks, and happy editing -- ~~~~

Hey. Stop blanking pages, will you! -- ~~~~

Step 2: Second warning

Please stop adding nonsense to the Wikipedia. It is considered vandalism. If you want to experiment, please use the [[sandbox]]. Thank you. -- ~~~~

OK, you're going the right way for a [[Shrek|smacked bottom]]! -- ~~~~

Step 3: Last warning

This is your last warning. The next time you vandalize a page you will be blocked from editing. -- ~~~~

Step 4: Blocked

You have been temporarily blocked from editing Wikipedia due to vandalism. This block expires in 24 hours, or until another Administrator unblocks you. You are welcome to come back after the block expires, if you will make useful contributions. -- ~~~~


Hi. Thanks for your contribution, Unfortunately, it seems you just copied a text from another website. We cannot accept contributions for which we do not have the copyright. I have listed this text on [[Wikipedia:Copyright problems]]. If you write your own article, we're happy to have it on Wikipedia. Sorry. -- ~~~~

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